All Your Framing Needs

Specialising in archival framing since 1988, presenting framed works on paper to museum standards.

All In One Framing Wollongong guarantee superior quality for all your artworks and collections by only using archival and only acid-free materials. Inferior quality materials and use of non-reversible techniques results in permanent damage to artwork, including discoloration and foxing.

Our aim is to understand the unique conservation requirements of your artwork and always recommend the best techniques and materials to preserve your artwork for many generations.

We use 100 % cotton rag mount barriers, matte and back boards, and acid-free gummed paper tapes for attaching works to mountings. Cotton fiber is 99 % acid-free and counteracts environmental acids and air pollution which may come in contact your art.

All In One Framing Wollongong’s expertise in archival framing ensures your work is protected in an acid-free environment using techniques that are superior quality and easily reversible materials to preserve your artwork.

Picture & Memorabilia Framing Examples